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Good preparation and the correct methods are important and the key for optimuim results in laying a new lawn. Our well trained staff don’t cut any corners when it comes to the turfing of your lawn.

Why work with Jungle Gardens?

We at Jungle Gardens know there is no better time to enhance the ultimate beauty and success of your new lawn turf than by improving the soil and the correct preparation before any turfing takes place. Some of the benefits to turfing in the correct way are; increased density, lush green look, less watering and fertilising, and reduced maintenance.

For optimum growth, lawn turf needs just four things (in the correct balance) to grow: sunlight,air, water and nutrients. Reduce any of these, or provide too much of any one, and the grass maydie or simply suffer. We know how to provide these in the right proportions so that the turf will flourish, providing not only beauty to the landscape, but also a clean and safe place to play with many benefits to the environment.

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Can we improve the soils?

Yes, practically without exception, not only can most soils be improved, they usually need to be improved to obtain the maximum results with only a minimum of other on-going effort.

The knowledge of what is necessary, the amount and availability of materials and the immediate costs of time and money are the factors that typically deter people from taking the steps necessary to improving the soil. While some people do not fully understand the importance of good soils for grass, many also believe they can save time and money by ignoring the need to improve their lawns soil.

The fact is that failing to improve the soil before turfing is only inviting a much greater and

continual investment of both time and money that will never return its value as fully as you would by preparing the soil properly before laying any new lawn.

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To prepare the soil

There are three basic methods that can beused to prepare the soil

  1. First we must kill any existing grass or weeds with Glyphosate. Spraying once will kill most, but we will follow up with another spray later, this will make sure virtually everything is dead.
  2. If you have good soil, we simply use a rotary hoe to loosen the soil bed to at least 100mm, and a maximum of 200mm. After rotary hoeing, we rake out any dead foliage if necessary and level the ground. If the soil is of a clay type, a sandy type or relatively poor in other ways, we use some organic soil conditioner. If the soil is clay, Gypsum is used as well.
  3. A turf underlay or turf base is a particular blend of topsoil and organic materials.We add the turf base to give your new lawn the optimum balance of nutrients and minerals it needs for the roots to establish well. We then spread the underlay evenly to the correct depth making sure the finish is smooth ready to lay the new lawn.

Our turfing services take each of these steps into consideration when laying your new lawn. We make sure that you will have the best results and the nicest-looking lawn.

The most popular choices of quality turf Jungle Gardens can lay for you are Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo, Saphire Buffalo, and Kikuyu. Each option will be given the full turfing treatment when applied to your lawn.

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