19/10/2021How to increase the sale value of your house

Improve sale price with garden makeover

Are you trying to sell your house and getting offers for less than what it is worth?
Are you an agent from a Real Estate company struggling to find buyers that are interested in a house?
Do you own a rental or investment property and not have the time to maintain your garden at home as well as that of your rental property?

If you answered yes to any or all these questions, then you’ll want to learn more about the real estate presentation service offered by Jungle Gardens.

Take for example the experience of a customer who recently put their first house on the market.

Things went okay but they didn’t sell it for as much as they had hoped. After the sale, they heard some of the comments from potential buyers that had walked through the house.

“The house has street appeal and it was nice, but the garden was a little unruly.”

“The backyard was okay but didn’t maximise the entertaining possibilities.”

What went wrong?

Okay, so they might have forgotten to mow the lawn before the open house. Maybe they let the shrubbery become too overgrown. I’m sure they tried to tidy what they could, but they were also busy cleaning the house, moving furniture and organising their new home.

If only they had known about the services offered by Jungle Gardens at the time. It could have saved them the stress of running around trying to get everything done. They could have potentially sold their house for more simply because it looked better or painted a clearer picture of the kind of home it could be for the buyer.

Plant the seed

Jungle Gardens offer a pre-sale real estate presentation service to make your garden look so good that any potential buyer will want to buy it as soon as they see it. This service is perfect for you if you want to increase the chances of sale without the worries.

Whether you are an agent or a property owner you can easily increase the value of a property simply through enlisting the help of Jungle Gardens.

Based in Kiama and servicing the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, and Shoalhaven regions, Jungle Gardens offer a complete landscape gardening enhancement that ensures the first and last thing a potential buyer thinks about your property is that they wish it was theirs. But it’s not just one-time fixes. Jungle Gardens can also provide year-round rental property garden maintenance for you.

Our Services

The full range of services they provide include:

  • Weeding
  • Mulching
  • Pruning
  • Planting
  • Tidying
  • Lawn rejuvenation
  • Pressure cleaning of driveways, pathways, and patios
  • Plant rental to fill empty spaces
  • Outdoor furniture rental to maximise an entertaining area

It’s clear Jungle Gardens know what they are doing. Don’t make the mistake of underselling your property.

If you want to make your property more appealing, attract more potential buyers or increase the value of your sale, give Jungle Gardens a call today for a free quote or contact us here