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If you want your garden to look tidy and sleek but you don’t have the time or the necessary tools you can enlist the help of the professionals at Jungle Gardens for your garden edging. Having a stable garden edging can make the maintenance of your garden so much easier in the long run. It can also contribute to giving your garden a tidier, more controlled feel.

Garden edging is added to a garden to help identify where one space ends and another begins. This often means creating a barrier between the lawn and the garden but it can also mean the definition of a pathway or the separation of one area of the garden from another. A large part of the garden edging is deciding which type of garden edging is best suited for the different areas of your yard.

There are a wide range of garden edging materials you can choose from when forming your garden edging, these include; treated pine sleepers, treated pine logs, paved edging, brick edging, steel edging, aluminium link edging, lawn as an edge, block, rock.

Below is a little more detail about some of the garden edging materials which you can choose from:

  • Rocks and blocks – garden edging of this form is very sturdy and durable. It does a great job dividing areas and can blend in well with retaining walls.
  • Metal – this form of garden edging is also quite durable. It can be bent and straightened to suit the shape of your garden and comes in different heights.
  • Wood – this type of garden edging comes in many styles and can be quite affordable. It blends in well with decking and other pre-exisiting wooden areas of your garden.

For an affordable and detailed garden edging service, call 1300 JUNGLE today!

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Often the decision of which type of garden edging you will use in your garden can be informed by the colouring of your home, the types of plants you are growing and the theme which your garden is tailored to. It can be a tough decision choosing the right garden edging without the assistance of the experienced professionals at Jungle Gardens. The team can help you to make informed choices for your garden edging and weigh your options ensuring you choose the right form of garden edging to suit your needs.

The Jungle Gardens team can tell you which garden edging will stand the test of time and which will provide the sturdy barrier that you need. They will be there every step of the way. Once they have helped you reach a decision they will place and construct your garden edging so that it looks exactly how you desire. Add to this their speed and attention to detail when installing the garden edging and you will never want to go anywhere else for your garden needs. The are the people who will make sure that your pathway is clearly identified, your lawn does not run in to your garden bed and your plants remain in their respective areas. You’ll never again have to worry again about your yard looking unruly. Give Jungle Gardens a call today if you are interested in their garden edging service.

For an affordable and detailed garden edging service, call 1300 JUNGLE today!

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