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If your aim is to have your garden looking sleek or shaped in a particular way but you don’t have the time or the necessary tools for pruning and hedging, you can enlist the help of the professionals at Jungle Gardens. Pruning and hedging in the correct way requires much more knowledge and skill than you would imagine. Some plants need old growth to be removed before they can thrive, other plants need careful urging to mould them to the desired shape when pruning and hedging. You don’t need to struggle with tools you don’t understand and risk killing your plants due to a lack of knowledge for pruning and hedging

The team at Jungle Gardens knows exactly what to do when it comes to pruning and hedging and how to work with your garden to keep it looking green and healthy. When it comes to pruning and hedging they will do all of the hard work for you, shaping, pruning and hedging the versatile hedge into the design you like. You can enlist their help on a regular basis to maintain the health and lustre of your plants or you can seek their advice on how best to manage your hedges yourself through a one off pruning and hedging appointment. 

Pruning and hedging equipment and tools to use:

There are many tools and equipment of tools you can choose for pruning and hedging. Make sure your pruning and hedging equipment and tools are sharp and in good working order. Always make sure your blades are nice and sharp. The commonly used equipment and tools for pruning and hedging are:

  • Secateurs 
  • Loppers 
  • Ladders
  • Curved saw
  • Petrol and electrical hedge trimmers

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Why Choose Jungle Gardens?

When it comes to pruning and hedging, the professional team at Jungle Gardens knows the importance of a thick privacy hedge as well as the draw of an artistically pruned plant. They can give you the right advice on how to maintain your hedges by pruning and hedging in collaboration with your own desires. You only need to tell the team what you want your garden to look like before any pruning and hedging, and they will shape and prune it until it meets your needs. To do the job they have the right tools for pruning and hedging as well as a desire to bring your vision to life. If you don’t have a set style in mind, they are absolutely qualified to make a recommendation that would best suit your space.

You may have an unruly hedge or a tree with branches reaching beyond the desired length. Jungle Gardens trained staff know the safest, most practical and successful method pruning and hedging and to give you what you want. They will work hard to ensure your garden has the wow factor with sleek lines or clever shapes, listening to your suggestions and turning them in to something beautiful. If this sounds like something you want, then give Jungle Gardens a call today for a pruning and hedging service. 

For an affordable and detailed pruning and hedging service, call 1300 JUNGLE today!

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