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One of the most important things for a prosperous garden is water. Knowing the correct amount of water to use for which plants and how often they need it can be difficult to keep track of. The team at Jungle Gardens are experts in this area. They have the skill set and the experience to know what your plants need to be healthy. They know that some plants require frequent watering while others thrive on less water.

Lawn and Garden Irrigation

Having the team tending to your garden on a daily basis might be a great solution to the problem and while they would love to do so it’s not always possible or practical. Instead you can enlist their help to install quality irrigation and sit back and watch your garden flourish. An irrigation watering system can serve to alleviate some of the stress and confusion around watering your garden.

Irrigation systems allow you to ensure water is applied to your garden where and when it is required. These systems can come in different forms and are targeted towards the needs of a variety of plants. Choosing the right system can be overwhelming and the team at Jungle Gardens can assist you in the decision process. The team can assess your garden’s needs and make an accurate recommendation as well as make sure the system is installed correctly.

Jungle Gardens team can advise you on:

  • Drip irrigation – commonly used in situations where drought or minimal water usage is prevalent. This version of irrigation provides the minimum necessary amount of water at the roots of the plant where it needs it the most.
  • Pop up irrigation – this form of irrigation is commonly used for the watering of turf as the sprinklers pop up above the lawn spreading even amounts of water around and then, when finished, they sink back below the surface to minimise tripping hazards.
  • Automatic irrigation – this system is for those that may not have the time to be always watering the garden. It can be set up to water with the use of a timer for certain amounts of time at the right parts of the day.
  • Smart or internet-based irrigation – with the use of technology you can control this type of irrigation using an application on your own electronic device. It can use weather systems to provide water based on the weather conditions as well as automatically notify you of any issues with the system.

Expert Irrigation and Watering Systems

An irrigation watering system can serve to alleviate some of the stress and confusion around watering your garden.

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Why Choose Jungle Gardens?

Once you choose the system which will work best for you and your garden, there is still plenty of work required to correctly install it. Let Jungle Gardens do it for you. They like to take the stress out of gardening. You should be able to look at your garden and feel peaceful, rather than worry about the watering process.

No more wasting too much time and too much water trying to do it yourself. The Jungle Gardens team will will work efficiently and tirelessly to give you a garden that can practically look after itself. They will set you up with an irrigation system that leaves your garden healthy, green and beautiful. What more could you want?

Customer Testimonials

Jungle Gardens provided us a professional service from our initial enquiry to the quality finishing of pruning our very large hedge. The finish product significantly improved the appearance of our gardens. Highly recommended and good value.

Ivan Ferraro

Can’t fault the service or workmanship received by Jungle Gardens. The transformation of my front yard was amazing and Ive had many compliments. Now to start on my back yard. You won’t be disappointed by the end result or the price.

Tracy Roberts

We began with making contacts with 3 landscaping companies, only one bothered to reply us & it was Jungle Garden. Even though they couldn’t start right away & we were like a couple months away in the queue, they have kept us updated through the waiting period. This kind of attentive customer service is rare to find these days & we really appreciate it. Thanks Kevin!

Wing Cheun

Kevin from Jungle Gardens promptly attended our property to quote and start works within a few days. Matt and Andre who worked on the garden were absolutely outstanding. They worked tirelessly in some very challenging hot conditions and were more than happy to meet our expectations by checking in with us along the way. Jungle Gardens are a professional team, one that I would not hesitate recommending to others. Thanks guys, you were exceptional!!

Blue Gum

I contacted Jungle Gardens and they were there the next day to inspect the work. The quoted price was more than reasonable. The work was completed on time and on budget with a few little extras thrown in by the team on the day. More than satisfied with the end result and would recommend these guys for all your landscape needs.

David McLean