12/04/2019Looking for Commercial Grounds Maintenance?

Commercial Grounds Maintenance

Do you know how much a blade of grass grows each day?

No? You’re not alone. But with some google research you can easily find an answer. You may be surprised by the result.

Depending on many influencing factors, it can grow around one centimetre a day. Not to mention other plants such as trees, bushes and shrubs. These can apparently grow from around thirty to sixty centimetres a year.

You can imagine how all of these things growing in your corporate space and quickly becoming unruly could have an effect on how people view your business.

Jungle Gardens commercial arm provides all of the services you will need to make your business premises look it’s best. The commercial grounds maintenance service offered by Jungle gardens has everything you could want. Jungle Gardens can deliver their commercial ground maintenance services to a large range of businesses in a number of industries. These include:

Schools – Schools can be a combination of multipurpose areas requiring a range of skill sets to maintain. Jungle Gardens realise how important it is to keep schools tidy and safe. They recognise that it is a place where young minds grow but so do weeds and plants. Jungle Gardens can ensure the lawns are mowed and the gardens are neat and weed free so that the students can have pride in their school.

Shopping Centres – in order to enter a shopping centre, patrons usually have to walk in from the outside. You can understand how the view they see could have an impact on their experience. No customer wants to be trudging through shrubs and litter to get into the shopping centre. The Jungle Gardens team can make sure that the grounds are well manicured and inspire a pleasant experience.

Smaller public/private businesses – you may have a shop front that needs some attention or you may wish to present a particular atmosphere for your customers when they enter your business. Jungle Gardens can make sure you start off on the right foot with your customers. They can create and maintain beautiful gardens and tidy spaces that are pleasing to the eye.

As you may now be noticing, there isn’t much that Jungle Gardens don’t do. They are happy to provide lawn mowing, garden maintenance, weed control, mulching, garden care as well as pressure cleaning and walkway/driveway cleaning among other services.

After everything you just read, there is only one question left to ask you, can you hear the grass growing?

It’s only going to keep getting longer while you deliberate on what you’re going to do with your outdoor business space. Contact Jungle Gardens today for a free quote.