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Vertical Gardens Wollongong & Illawarra

With the Illawarra landscape increasingly filled with high-rise apartments, having a garden can seem impossible. However, in addition to your indoor plants or tiny herb garden, you really should consider a vertical garden! A vertical garden is just what it sounds like – An abundance of greenery and beautiful plants, all growing on a vertical wall in your courtyard or balcony. It is the perfect way to transform a blank canvas into a beautiful living wall and create your own urban oasis.

Jungle Gardens can provide you with an extraordinary vertical garden using the Skale ™ system from Vertikal. They are known for bringing beautiful and unique vertical gardens to those living in Wollongong and the Illawarra.

Vertical gardens are a great investment. They are suited to home owners with yards of all sizes as well providing some much needed greenery in a commercial setting. You may be want to create a garden in a small balcony area, soften up your workplace or attract more customers, having a vertical garden installed can help you meet each of these needs. Car dealerships, shopping centres and office spaces are often areas that can appear cold or obviously urbanised, with a vertical garden these areas can be amazingly transformed. Vertical garden benefits are many, especially in a commercial setting.

As you can see below, you’d be crazy not to give it a try

  • Vertical Gardens are a unique form of living art creating more opportunity for design freedom and customisation.
  • They filter the air around them, resulting in better quality oxygen and possibly leading to healthier families or employees.
  • They bring greenery back into the present urban world.
  • Vertical Gardens are adaptable, there are many different plant shape, size and style options to choose from.
  • They improve acoustics through providing a sound barrier between offices or rooms.
  • They are a space saver when compared to horizontal gardens.
  • Always a nice way to decorate plain, ugly or unused wall spaces.
  • There is a tangible improvement on aesthetic, they create a visually pleasing space.
  • Vertical Gardens are suitable for areas of many sizes, both indoors and outdoors.

Jungle Gardens are working with the company Vertikal to bring you the best green space you could ask for a vertical garden. Jungle Gardens are a known distributor and installer of the Vertikal products Skale ™ and would recommend that you check out their gallery of vertical garden products at the below link. They have a wide variety of styles and many previous examples to fuel your own ideas. With so many to choose from, you better start looking now. For an affordable and detailed vertical garden service, call 1300 JUNGLE today!

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Why Choose Jungle Gardens?

Jungle Gardens are so passionate about sharing their love of gardening with others that they are certain there is a garden to suit all sizes and spaces. Vertical gardens are the perfect way to include the beauty of a garden in an area where you may not have thought it was possible.

If you have been swayed by the thought of a vertical garden Jungle Gardens will provide you with a highly informative and professional installation. They will make sure that your vertical garden is fully functional and looking fantastic. Their level of service and skill is unmatched. You will be amazed at just how natural your wall made of plants will appear once they are finished with it. You’ll want every wall in your home or corporate space to be a green one. If a vertical wall sounds appealing to you, Jungle Gardens offer a free quote as well as the full supply of materials and installation. They will work side by side with Vertikal to give you the look you desire.

As much as this style of garden looks great it does still continue to grow. Regular maintenance is likely required to keep things looking neat and professional. It is just as important to keep your vertical garden looking good all year round as it is to install it in the first place. Jungle Gardens are happy to continue working with you on maintaining your vertical garden and keeping it looking it’s best. Let someone else do the hard work while you can sit back and enjoy your newly improved aesthetic. Give Jungle Gardens a call today if you are interested in the installation or the upkeep of a vertical garden.

For an affordable and detailed vertical garden service, call 1300 JUNGLE today!

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